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» Fighting the Insurance Company

Fighting the Insurance Company

Insurance Company Deny Your Alabama Claim?

Some insurance companies such as Allstate, AIG, and State Farm try to deny insurance claims to boost their bottom line. Creating rewards for employes to successfully deny claims, insurance companies will replace those employees who fail to deny claims.

For example, you are running an errand in your car for your job, when all of a sudden a truck crosses the centerline from the other direction and smashes into you creating a catastrophic car accident in Alabama. Your car accident caused serious injury and left you in a coma. When you wake nine days later you have multiple broken bones, collapsed lungs, and are destined to spend the next few agonizing months under constant care.

And then comes the real kick in the teeth. The insurance company denies your claim. They claim the driver who caused the crash acted in a moment of deliberate road rage, and so the accident was not an “accident.” Your hospital bills pile up, you are too injured to go back to work, and your insurance company has deserted you.

Delaying Until Death

Insurance companies routinely delay claims, knowing full well that many policyholders will simply give up. However, the most shameful delay tactics involves long-term care insurers, who are often taken advantage of because of their age and health.

Confusing Consumers

Insurance contracts are extremely difficult to follow and written in a way the most Alabamians cannot understand their wording. Several states have enacted “plain English” laws for consumer contracts, yet many Americans still do not fully understand the risks they are subject to.


    • Read Your Policy- know what is covered and how to.
    • Fill Out Forms Carefully- honest mistakes can be reason to retroactively deny your coverage.
    • Do Not Cash a Premium Refund Check
      Cashing can be interpreted as accepting their decision to rescinds your insurance policy.
    • Put Everything In Writing- Keep detailed records of all correspondence and bills.
    • Contact the Alabama Insurance Department
      They will not represent you in a private matter but they maybe able to help you. In addition, it is always a good idea to contact your attorney.
  • Do Not Give Up- Insurance companies count on you giving up.

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